2012 Sponsors

Proud to Mention Our Sponsors for 2012!

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We Defend is the largest contributor for 2012!

If you get a ticket – FIGHT IT! Don’t just sit back and do nothing; you may have too much to lose! We Defend™ will help you achieve the best possible outcome by successfully defending your ticket or charge. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions – give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!
Call us now at 403-269-8258 or 1-877-268-8258 for a FREE CONSULTATION either by phone or in person, giving you the opportunity to discuss your situation with one of our professional staff. You are under NO OBLIGATION!

contact: Main Line 403-269-8258 or Toll Free 1-877-268-8258

email: [email protected]

website: http://www.wedefend.ca/

ProColor Prints

contact: Toll Free @ 888-229-6567

email: [email protected]

website: http://procolorprints.com/

SAW Communications

contact: Main Line @ 403-294-1700

website: http://sawcommunications.com/

Urban Couture Photography

contact: Jennifer Ollinger @ 403-554-5465

website: http://urbancouturephotography.ca/

Hannah J Swystun – The Plan by Investors Group

contact: Hannah Swystun @ 403-478-4220

website: http://www.investorsgroup.com/en/hannah.swystun/home

In Bloom

contact: Angela O’Donoghue @ 403-826-5353

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Calgary-AB/In-Bloom/109525622434081

Hotel Arts

contact: Main Line @ 403-266-4611

website: http://www.hotelarts.ca/

Roof Hospital

contact: Eric Gilbert @ 403-457-3330

website: http://www.roofhospital.com/