CONFIRMED – We’ve waited a long time for this new date!

Please note:

Please ensure that you correctly fill in any information required while going through the check out process!
Thank you once again for your kindness and consideration towards the fight against domestic violence.

Donation – There are three ways to do this.
      a. Donation of a silent auction item – Quality items only please.  If you have any questions of what is accepted, please contact me at any time!
      b. Donation of tickets – These are given to volunteers who dedicate their time to this event, as well as those who would like to attend but are unable to afford the cost of entry.
      c. Direct donation of funds – Any donation exceeding $20 qualifies for a tax deductible donation receipt directly from the YWCA of Calgary.  (There is an extensive form that must be filled out provided by the YWCA of Calgary for donations that require a tax deductible receipt.  I will be filling this form out on your behalf!)