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The YWCA and Domestic Violence Prevention

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence is not easy. That’s why the YWCA of Calgary is committed to helping women, children and men move toward recovery and wellness.

The impact of domestic violence can be experienced by all members of the  family and become an inter-generational pattern.  That’s why the YWCA of  Calgary is committed to helping women, children and men move toward recovery  and healing.

The YWCA of Calgary believes strongly in collaboration and training.  We are participating in the planning of the 16th International Conference on  Violence, Abuse & Trauma.  Click here for more information: http://ivatcenters.org/

Domestic violence is the single largest women’s health issue in Canada, with more reported cases than heart attack and stroke. It affects women of all races, ages, socio-economic classes and educational backgrounds — and many cases also involve children.

After Quebec and Nunavut, Alberta has the highest reported rate of domestic violence in Canada. (Statistics Canada 2008)  In 2008 alone, the Calgary Police Service responded to 13,496 calls related to domestic violence, an increase of 8% from 2007. Of the total calls reported in 2007, 42% recorded children present in the home.

But these numbers only reflect those who have spoken out. Many women do not report violence because they fear increased abuse, losing their children, risking embarrassment and shame, and facing homelessness and financial instability.

Leaving an abusive partner is not easy. Fear of becoming homeless or poor are the top reason why women return to an abusive spouse with their children.

The YWCA of Calgary works with women, children and men to make positive changes to break the pattern of violence and find recovery and wellness. Our priority is safety for all members of the family.

Calgary has the second highest recorded rate of domestic violence in the country.

Your support can change that.

About the YWCA of Calgary Organization

The YWCA of Calgary is dedicated to breaking the cycles of domestic violence, homelessness and poverty. We believe that healthy women and healthy families lead to a thriving community.

The YWCA is a vital piece of Calgary’s social and economic fabric, serving more than 15,000 vulnerable women, children and men in 2008 alone.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to social change and work to build a healthy community by building strength and capacity in women.

Our goal is a society where there is no longer a gender gap, and the cycles of domestic violence, homelessness and poverty have been eradicated. To that end, we focus our efforts on the areas of Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Poverty, Children & Families, and Health & Wellness.

Our Mission
To offer programs and services for women and their families providing them with the skills, abilities and opportunities to contribute to and benefit from healthy communities.

Our Vision
A cornerstone for women and their families.

Fast Facts

Total women, children and men served in 2009: 11,238
Children served in 2009: 3,481

YWCA Emergency Shelter (YWCA Sheriff King Home)
Number of beds available: 38
Maximum stay: 21 days
Number of women and children sheltered in 2008: 746
Number of women turned away in 2008 due to lack of resources
1,050 and 340 children

YWCA Transitional Housing (YWCA Mary Dover House)
Number of beds available: 86
Maximum stay: 1 year
Number of women and children served in 2009
339 women and 111 children