2017 Auction Items


“Burlesque & Wine Night Out” by Free Spirit Dance

A perfect gift or perfect way to spice up your weekend! Bring your girls, enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and unleash your sensual side in this unique burlesque class! Playful, expressive and fun! Whether you want to try something different with your girls, boost your confidence, step-outside your comfort zone, spice up your relationship or meet new people, this is a great way to spend an evening! For ladies only.


Valued at $60

“4-6 Person Dinner Take Out” by Olive Garden

Includes a jumbo-sized salad, a pan of spaghetti and marinara sauce, and two dozen breadsticks!  Take out only.


Valued at $85

A shopping spree at Global Pet Foods Shawnessy!

Valid at Shawnessy location only.

Valued at $75

Glam squad facial party and $50 in gift certificates for Mary Kay!


Valued at $50


“WORLD” by Cory Nespor Design

“The only people who can change the world are people who want to.”
04.16.2015 | Functional Art | Slide Puzzle | mixed media on plywood | 36″ x 36″

Using a fresh approach on an old toy, this piece is a literal call to action, forcing the viewer to manipulate the puzzle pieces in order to read the message within. Once solved, the message becomes a fitting reward.

Check out Cory’s instagram page for the video of his solving this piece in 15 seconds… It took 4 hours to learn how to do that… and it’s hyper lapsed, so actually, it took 2 minutes and 59 seconds.

World Puzzle Solve

Fonts: Stereo, Kings of Pacifica, Black Oak, Homestead, Chopin Script, Wolf in the City, Post Office, Punch Label, Griffon Shadow, Geared & Langdon


Valued at $1,100

“For the Love of Music” by Barbie

Local artisan, Barbara Nelligan, has a deep passion for creating and painting with different mediums.  The painting donated is made with molten beeswax.  Barbara has a studio in Chestermere, Alberta, where she hosts and teaches different styles of painting.


Valued at $100


A 30-minutes session and 10 digital files from Kristyn Harder, a photographer named one of the top five wedding photographers in Calgary!


Valued at $275

Ladies t-shirt, mens t-shirt, two beer cozies, toque, and a ball cap.


Valued at $100