2010 Auction Items


“Untitled” Photo Print by Levi Wedel

** sold to Brittany R for $35 **


This photograph is of the fourth avenue flyover and was made using slide film. It was taken late at night during one of the rare occasions where Calgary has seen fog. The light of the street lamps was amplified and carried by the fog giving the scene a rich yellow hue.

Levi recently graduated with a master’s degree in fine arts (photography) from the University of Calgary. He uses Hasselblad medium format film cameras and is primarily interested in the photographic object and how things can look when photographed.

11″x11″ print in a 23″x23″ frame

Valued at $100.00

“$100 Certificate” for Customized Sewing by Joyful Designs

** sold to Diane U for $20 **


Joyful Designs by Sarah


$100 certificate for customized sewing by Joyful Designs by Sarah.

Examples of use for this certificate include drapes, upholstery, alterations or even a custom garment!

View her full collection on her site at: http://www.wix.com/sarahjoycameron/untainted-fashion

“Dragon’s Den” Collector’s Items by Brett Wilson

** sold to Henry K for $25 **


Dragon’s Den Collectibles


A complete collector’s kit of Dragon’s Den items donated directly from the office of Brett Wilson here in Calgary!


Kit includes:

1. Size large t-shirt that says, “DD Presentation Tip #35: Wear baggy pants.  That way if your knees knock, nobody will know.”

2. Travel coffee mug that says, “I’m in. I’m out.”

3. Oven mitts that say, “Prevent dragon burns”

4. Mouse pad that says, “If you want to be in business and focus on mice nuts, be a mouse pad.”

5. 8×10 photo of Brett Wilson to be personalized for the one who wins the bid!

“Scrapbook Pages” by Lynnsey Harder

** sold to Selena S for $15 **


Scrapbook Pages


This 10-page collection of lovingly hand made pages will spice up any project your working on!

Includes a “special” page, a “mother” page, a “cowboy” page, a “beach” page, an “autumn” page, a “fall” page and complimenting base pages.

“$100 Body Sugaring GC” by Tianna

** sold to Shannon B for $39 **



Sugar Me Softly Body Sugaring offers hair removal treatments for both Women and Men.

It is the modern version of hair removal which was first practiced in ancient times by Egyptian women. This ancient art form has been perfected using the advanced body sugaring technique. This is the most natural and effective way to remove unwanted hair.

We specialize in Brazilians as well as offering a full range of additional services to meet your hair removal needs.  Proven safe for ALL ages, from the young to young at heart, whether it is aesthetically desired or medically requested, this method is 100% assured.

Our sugar paste that is used is manufactured in a way which ensures superb and consistent quality.  There are no chemical additives, no wax resins as that act as “cheat add-ins.  The Paste is so natural that it is even edible!  A huge benefit is that the sugar only sticks to Hair and Dead Skin Cells; you will leave your treatment with softer, silkier and healthier skin!

You can feel secure in knowing that you will be sugared by a professionally trained and certified technician, who is always committed to providing you with the highest standard of service available. Sugar Me Softly Body Sugaring offers complete privacy in a safe and comfortable environment; our clients are always treated with unmatchable attention, care and respect.

Find out how Sweet Life can be once you’ve added a Little Sugar to it!


“Advisor” Humidor

** sold to Allan L for $75 **


Advisor Humidor


A humidor serves 2 purposes.  The first is to enhance and maintain the freshness and flavor of your cigars for years to come.  The other is to enhance a room or office as a fine piece of heirloom quality furniture.  If a humidor doesn’t have a humidifier, it’s just a fancy box!

This elegant desktop humidor has a long list of attractive features including a premium kiln dried Spanish cedar interior, zebra wood cabinet style, high gloss finish, Spanish cedar removable compartment divider and brass interior hinges.

This 2 compartment humidor holds up to 100 cigars, has an interior humidifier, an interior mounted hygrometer, a scratch resistant felt bottom and comes with tassled brass keys for the brass keyhole!

The measurements of the humidor are 14.5″ x 9.5″ x 4.75″ and it weighs 9lbs.

The humidor preparation guide and the hygrometer calibration guide will be provided as well.

Valued at $270.00

“Mate for Life” Photo Print by Paul Billo

** sold to Christina T for $50 **


“Mate for Life” – Paul Billo


These 2 birds were perched on posts among many others just outside of Long Point, Ontario.  While most of them flew away, these 2 stuck around for a picture.

Foamcore – 7×10 print with white border.

“Unstoppable Clouds” Photo Print by Paul Billo

** sold to Christina T **


“Unstoppable Clouds” – Paul Billo


Taken on the rocky beach at Lac Des Arcs just outside of Canmore, Alberta, this print is a stitch of 3 consecutive photos.  It is always amazing how quickly the storm clouds can roll in over the edge of the Rockies.

Mounted & framed – 17×7 print




“Avery Chains & Pearl” Necklace by Stella & Dot

** sold to Hannah S for $31 **


Donated directly by Stella & Dot stylist Stephanie Lee.

5 antiqued silver plated chains dripping with freshwater pearls.18.5″ shortest
strand to 24″ longest strand, toggle clasp.


By combining the pearls with chain, this necklace updates the classic pearl.

This is a gorgeous piece.  One to be seen in up close and personal!

Valued at $77.00

“Compassion” Bracelet by Essence Bracelets

** sold to Pam K for $23 **


Compassion is having reverence for all living things. It means having the ability to see through the eyes of humanity and love – of being able to see past the illusion of individual appearances, and instead into the realm of sacred potential that exists inside each one of us. Compassion understands both the fragility and the wonder of the human spirit and lovingly massages promise into each of our hearts.  Cultivate compassion within yourself, and find yourself with more than enough to share with others!

Valued at $149.00

Amethyst: Promotes love, balances emotions, dispels anger.
Garnet: Inspires love and devotion, opens heart, forgiveness.


“Turn Back” Painting by Daniel Chmielewski

** sold to Tawnya F for $250 **


Turn Back – Daniel Chmielewski


Daniel Chmielewski (aka ‘Danskee’) is a self-taught, Edmonton-based street artist. With a comprehensive background in fashion, hiphop culture and graffiti art, Daniel has recently moved his art from the streets to public, gallery showings. Daniel always incorporates urban landscape elements into his paintings and is best known for his impressive, large-scale, black and white stencils.

40×60 inches, this is an image depicting a lone man venturing into a dark alley.  The words “Turn Back” are graffitied on the wall as a warning sign.  The image is meant to evoke the flight or fight instinct in us that we so often ignore.  Created with a combination of stock imagery, drawing, hand styles and photo manipulation.

Valued at $2,800.00





“Charleston” Photo Print by Robert Wensley

** sold to Sarah C for $50 **


Charleston – Robert Wensley


Purchasing his first, very own, camera in the 5th grade, started a lifelong passion for Robert.

Starting his own business at the tender age of 16 took his photography to the professional level.  History had begun.

Attending Bob Jones University and now on to Harvard University, he’s not only talented, he’s intelligent and outgoing.

Photograph by Robert Wensley on the beach in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

“Simplicity”  Photo Print by Virginia Marsh

** sold to Ginny W for $15 **


Simplicity – Virginia Marsh


Virginia Marsh has always had an interest in photography.

She received her very first camera when she was just in kindergarten from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

It may sound funny but that tiny camera sparked something in her creative side for photography.

Although she’s taken many a picture, none have been released to the public until now!

Be the one to own the first Virginia Marsh in print!

Personalized Photoshoot with Kristyn Harder Photography

** sold to Virginia M for $85 **

* Package includes shoot w/ Kristyn & edited photos on a disc to print all you want!


Do what you love.  Kristyn believes that if you live following the wisdom found in these four words, you simply cannot go wrong.

What does she love?  She loves making people smile,  random acts of kindness,  gluten free cookies and walking in the rain, but the thing Kristyn loves most of all is photography.

Since her days as a lanky, silly pre-teen carrying around a disposable camera, she has been passionate about pictures. Through photography she captures experiences to remember in unique and creative ways, saving pieces in time that will never be repeated. As she started transforming her passion into a business, she strove to capture her clients in their best and most inspiring moments.

Go to www.kristynharder.com and see the possibilities for Kristyn to assist you with your own projects and adventures and capture your moments…. whatever they might be!

Valued at $150.00

“Calypso Gold” 3-Wick Bowl by PartyLite

** sold to Diane U for $15 **



Calypso Gold Bowl – PartyLite


This 10.5″ diameter, 3″ deep clear glass bowl has gold molten glass swirls throughout.

This piece can be used as a 3-wick candle base or as a floating candle bowl.

This delicate & rare to find piece will add elegance to your decore.

Small bag of gold colored rocks will be included in your bid.

Valued at $50.00

“Desirae” Painting by Amy Roseneder

** sold to Kristen L for $60 **


Desirae – Amy Roseneder


As a child, Amy was always painting, coloring, drawing and making an absolute mess, constantly. Being creative was the one thing that always made her truly and genuinely happy. One of her paintings, “The Flower Garden” which she did when she was just 4 years old, was featured in an art exhibition.

Still passionate about art, she continues to paint and share her artwork with those who have an appreciation for it.

This piece is in a black frame sized at 22.5″ tall x 18.5″ wide.

Valued at $200.00

“Holly Leaf Sleigh” Candle Holder/Candy Dish by PartyLite

** sold to Emmy C for $42 **


Holly Leaf Sleigh – PartyLite

Measures 8″ long by 5 1/4″ high.

Gorgeous porcelain piece that is perfect for any Christmas themed decor.

The “seat” of the sleigh is large enough to hold a 3-wick candle or your favorite Christmas candy treat on your coffee table for guests.

Valued at $30.00

First Aid Kit by Vereburn Supply Ltd

** sold to Kelly E for $35 **

Is your company or current workplace in need of a heavy duty, top of the line first aid kit?

This expansive first aid kit was generously donated by Vereburn Supply Ltd.

A leader in sports medicine & CPR training aids, Philips AEDs industrial first aid supplies, wound care, health care and EMS products!

Valued at $65.00

Personalized Photoshoot with Urban Couture Photography

** sold to Jessica R for $65 **

* Package includes shoot w/ Jennifer & edited photos on a disc to print all you want!


From the desk of Jennifer Lee:

All my childhood I thrived on passion, whether it was passion of swinging on the swings at the park or coloring within those lines in the coloring books. To take something ordinary and make it your own is what passion is about. I grew up always wanting to do something great with my life. I could be a doctor, a veterinarian, an actress, something that the world would notice me for. As I grew older and life pressed on, I realized I didn’t need to be noticed, I realized then it was my passion and dream to notice people.
As soon as I could afford my first camera it stuck by me constantly, never left my side.
All my friends always laughed because when most girls were glued to their purses and lip-gloss, I was glued to my trigger button.

My passion and dream is to capture the still images of life’s essences and with each photo, a part of me feels complete.

I am where I am supposed to be.


Valued at $150.00

Body Construction with Canada’s IFBB Fitness Pro Tanis Tzavaras

** sold to Tawnya F for $100 **

6 Week Bootcamp & Customized Meal Plan


IFBB Fitness Pro – Tanis Tzavaras


Tanis is a mother, IFBB Fitness Professional, fitness model, gymanstics coach and personal trainer.
She took the stage most recently in 2010 at the CBBF Canadian Natural Physique Championships winning the Fitness Overall title and earning her IFBB Fitness Pro card after a long journey where 2 years ago she weighed 244 after the birth of her son.
Her formal eduction was achieved at the University of Calgary as well as at Mount Royal College.

As a personal trainer, her specialty with her clients has always been weight loss. She helps her clients achieve a balance in their lives that includes healthy eating and regular activity.

For more information on Tanis Tzavaras, visit her site at www.tanisfit.com

Valued at $200.00

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”
Og Mandino

“Football Memoire” Shadow Box

** sold to Doug B for $50 **


Football Shadow Box

A collector’s piece perfect for display.  This shadow box has an “old school” feel that contains newspaper clippings with stats, football terminology and pictures of some of the “greats” of the sport.

Pictures include Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bob Lilly of the Dallas Cowboys, Bronko Nagurski of the Chicago Bears, Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys and Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins.

Shadow box dimensions are 20.5″ long x 11 wide” x 2.5″ tall.

Valued at $80.00

“Hockey Memoire” Shadow Box

** sold to Brenda R for $80 **


Hockey Shadow Box

Another collector’s piece perfect for display.  This shadow box contains an “old school” feel that contains copies of tickets from when it used to cost $5.00 to attend a game!

Pictures of some of the “greats” include Gordie Howe, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard and Jack Norris.

Shadow box dimensions are 31.5″ long x 9.5″ wide x 2.5″ tall.

Valued at $75.00

Piano Lessons with Sarah Houston – 5 Sessions

** sold to Sylvia F for $40 **

Sarah Houston was introduced to music at the age of 6 when she began taking piano lessons.
Over the years her love for music grew and with the encouragement of her childhood teacher and mentor, music became a large part of her life.
Sarah has many years of experience in RCM and is currently studying with the goal of finishing her ARCT in piano performance. She achieved her formal training at Briercrest College, earning her Bachelors of Music.
She has been involved in music leadership in several churches over the past 12 years. In her spare time, Sarah loves to write and compose and recently recorded her first album with the local Calgary instrumental rock band, “midatlantic.”
Sarah has a passion for teaching and helping to develop the gifts of her students. She has a strong desire to see her students do their best and takes joy in spreading her love of music to each one of them.

Valued at $100.00

“Looking Beyond” Photo Print by Alfred Unger

** sold to Jennifer O for $35 **

This inspiring photo of the “eye of the needle” is appropriately named Looking Beyond.

This rock outcropping is located along the West Coast Trail where the trail is completely under water at high tide and is only passable when the water recedes.

Photo will be a mounted and framed 20 x 24 print.

Photo Prints by Amber M

** sold to Mike & Becky S for $31 **

“Teeth Whitening Package” by Dr. Henry Seto

** sold to Virginia M for $231 **

“Teeth Whitening Package” by Dr. Henry Seto

** sold to Cathy L for $230 **

Necklace by Innocent Vintage

** sold to Brittany G for $81 **